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I read the other day that most high-level leaders see coaching as something to ‘help you through some problems’; not something they could use for themselves. They don’t see why sports people and artists use coaches all the time: because they are committed to excellence! More and more business people and individuals are now hiring coaches because they understand it helps them to excel. They aren't satisfied with ‘how it is’ in their professional and personal lives; they want more of their potential to flourish.

Coaching is not a magic bullet offered by your coach in a nice box. You will have to change and to work for the outcomes. A coach can help you be strategic and focused by unearthing the unconscious blockages; so you will achieve outcomes more quickly, and enjoy the process more fully.

In leadership coaching or mentoring sessions I'm always on the outlook for the highest potential, for balance, for the ultimate meaning in your life and your 'right place' in the world. We can focus on the problems with your boss or your colleagues (interpersonal), but most likely it will be related to values, inner balance and life purpose (intrapersonal) and your next level of development.
How to discover and take the next step in your inner leadership?
How to find your authentic way of doing your job?
What needs to be uncovered so that your Authentic Leadership can serve the world?
What is the right place to be for you?
This means that we also go beyond the inter- and intrapersonal and look at systemic dynamics.
If you already did some coaching or training and searched for different solutions it may come down to looking at deep, hidden personal patterns. Not a big deal, but it needs awareness and acceptance; then the process will enfold itself.

Throughout my years of practice I have developed my own style of working. This rich experience supports the idea that body, mind and emotions all are parts of one whole. This is reflected in my approach: there will always be attention for these 3 dimensions; and besides that, the soul also has its place. I don't focus on digging up the past, unless it is blocking your joy and freedom of acting in the here and now. The purpose is for you to clearly see your unfolding path and live more of your potential. Embodied knowing is central in my approach; herein lies the motor of transformation. The bodily and emotional level will always be linked with your core assumptions and especially your daily life: the place where the change is wanted. The deep acceptance of everything that lives in you, brings you step by step to personal mastery: you are the one who determines and creates your life.

These are the programs I offer:

Individual one-on-one coaching: Tending the Roots

Small group coaching: Coaching on the Edge

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