Always more potential to manifest.

More juice in life and work is always possible,

you don’t need to be stuck, or satisfied, with what is.


You are a leader,

because you work with other people,

because you are in an official leadership position

because you take action in changing something for the better.


You know you are doing good work (helping people, lead your team, having great innovation projects, doing social change work), but at times you feel that something is not optimal, something is not working well enough, you are a bit stuck. Although you are really good at seeing next steps for others or in projects, you can’t get a real grip on it… Still, there must be more, no?

Or in the projects or the work you are involved in, you are looking for more juice, more effects from participation, more capacity for innovation… you just don’t know how to get there. There must be more possible than what we have now, no?

[You will notice that this site is old! Not being updated since late '16... as my energy and passion has moved to co-create Spotted Zebras, and forming a cooperative that will join the Percolab family. What is written here, still stands and goes... but the container in which it works, is shifting.]

What I offer could be a good fit if…

  • you want clarity about what is really going on
  • you have been thinking of finding a good coach-mentor-consultant, but never knew who to contact with these unclear questions
  • you sense and experience there are limits to your current level of knowledge and awareness, but what to do about it? Taking another course or workshop?
  • you want to know which next steps to take so that happiness and fulfillment about work and life come back?
  • you understand that the personal is a thing to take into account when looking to unleash more of your self and your projects or company’s potential.
  • And also: you start to understand that the systemic might have a bigger influence than you ever thought possible


I guess you want clarity and insights on all kind of levels - even if you didn’t realize before that this is what you are actually missing:

  • clarity and insights which integrate body and mind – and tools to keep it integrated
  • clarity and insights that speak to the link between the individual and the collective – and tools that harness this potential
  • clarity and insights that embrace both the personal and the systemic – and tools to apply it to your own context
  • above all: you want to take a next step! Towards more meaning, more efficiency, more awareness, more innovation. Manifesting more of your potential.


Hello! I am Ria Baeck

Once my partner accused me of always wanting more. There seemed something really wrong with that longing in myself (according to him). As a reaction I tried to hide it, until there came a point of no return: Yes, I want more! It was not so much about more money or more stuff, it was – and still is – about a more creative and fulfilling life. That’s the driving force, the passion in my life; also for others, for companies, for the good causes; for anything really. Because I hold a deep-seated belief – and experience! - that there is always more potential to realize.

To get to this potential, either in your personal life or in any kind of collective endeavors, you need your inner senses a lot more than we are used to in mainstream life. You need to track the subtle signals that point you in the direction to follow. I have been tracking myself out of many too small boxes towards a unique and deeply fulfilling life, full of interesting people and projects to work with. I love the tracking process!!! And I am passioned to show you how to track your self and your projects outside of their current box.


Because I want to have impact in the world, I want to create more meaningful work. If more of us can access their innate potential, if organizations can leverage the intelligence of all their people, if projects would not get stuck in limiting beliefs around what is possible, I truly believe that life on earth would be better for all of us; included the planet and life in general. I think it is time to do that now; more than ever.

I know for sure there is always more hidden in the dark corners of our selves and the organizations and projects we work in than we realise. I will track with you the journey of discovering them. Also offering some clear frameworks or maps that provide distinctions and deeper understanding to help see what is preventing you from stepping outside your box. Only then will you notice the subtle clues that give you some direction and it will open new ways and new opportunities! Suddenly there is room and space to look out for what is next in life and work and to let the next bit of potential manifest!

Looking back at my life – yes, I am already a grandmother of 6! – it seems like a hotchpotch of many different jobs and interests. But you can find one common thread in all of it: how to get more of the potential into real tangible life? Out of people, out of conversations, out of teams, out of organizations, out of networks and out of businesses. The question: what’s next? is always present and keeps my life and work always on the edge of what is possible.

Working with me in coaching (individual or in peer groups), in hosting multi-stakeholder dialogues or in the current projects on the edge you will get more joy and juice, deeper insights and more innovation – more of what is possible. Beyond of what seems feasible.


Open Projects - Workshops


Hosting and facilitation

Systemic Constellations